1000 Satellites Coworking


Carola Windlin, Gregory von Abendroth & Markus Hummelsberger


Long commuting to the workplace, both reduces employees‘ time and motivation and increases CO2 emissions. Additionally, many companies face the​ problem of efficiently scaling their real estate capacities; Workspaces are mostly over- or undercrowded. During the Corona situation, the need for flexible and mobile​ working, workplaces and “New Work” concepts increased tremendously. But mobile working must not be limited to home office that can have tremendous​ shortcomings.​


1000 Satellites targets the needs of corporate and SME employees as well as freelancers with regards to a remote office space that fulfills all the requirements​ of a modern office environment in terms of productivity, flexibility and workplace attractiveness. We are​ positioning ourselves as future leading provider of decentral office spaces that can be leased by corporate employers as well as individuals and startups. Our​ modern and open office concept allows​ a productive and creative work environment. Contrary to established providers, we are regionally focusing on small cities with strong movements of commuters to​ urban areas.​