Thomas von Hake

Managing Director

5 Questions to Thomas

Describe yourself with three words.

"Enthusiastic Pilot", "Oldtimer-Fan", "Never give up"

What is your motivation to work with Chemovator?

Get to know and learn more about the wonderful people and entrepreneurial spirit at BASF, share some of my experience and support entrepreneurs and ventures at BASF.

What is the greatest value you can benefit the Venture Teams with?

Motivate and navigate the team through all there is to come in this venture-ride with "Can Do"- and Hands-on-Attitude and "Begeisterungsfähigkeit" for teams and ideas.

Do you rather follow your head or your heart?

Heart and gut! The best decisions I have taken where educated gut decisions.

What was your most spontanous adventure?

When I worked for BCG I had the chance to spend one year in an other office worldwide as an exchange. I got the call that I could join the Jakarta Office but had to decide within 24hrs. At that moment I was sailing the Antigua Sailing Week in the carribbean on a boat with people that I didnt know (I was doing this regatta with a german yachtschool). I asked everyone to assemble on the deck and discussed in the group whether I should do it. We all decided on "yes"!

Thomas' Background

Founder & CEO of automotive startup C level roles in Berlin startups Angel investor and top management advisor.