Sven Soltau

CRM & Tech-Stack Expert

5 Questions to Sven

Describe yourself with three words.

Inspirational, innovative, growth-oriented

What is your motivation to work with Chemovator?

Having a chance to work with the Chemovator start-ups is a very inspirational challenge. Seeing different business models and helping them grow can be a lot of fun.

What is the greatest value you can benefit the Venture Team with?

Helping the Chemovator start-ups build a sold CRM infrastructure with the best marketing tech-stack possible, which is scalable and sustainable.

What was your most spontaneous adventure?

Jumping of a 20m high cliff on a trip to Brazil

What was your greatest learning in life?

Do not sacrifice a long-term goal on the altar of a short-term gain.

Sven's Background

Worked for eBay, Rocket Internet and as CMO for Lautsprecher Teufel. Relevant experience and expertise in CRM, online marketing and managing marketplaces. Strong focus on consulting for CRM software implementation.