Lisa Schneider

Incubation Operations Manager – Portfolio Management

5 Questions to Lisa

Describe yourself with three words.

Authentic, ambitious & adventurous

What is the greatest benefit of Chemovator for BASF?

Providing a protected space with a learning culture to take up speed: experiment, fail fast, learn constantly and progress. In Chemovator, Venture Teams can act autonomously and with entrepreneurial power detached from corporate limitations. I'm not saying corporate structures are bad, they are just not getting along with unconventional innovations.

If you had to wear a sign, what would be written on it?

If found lost, bring back home before Monday morning!

What was the most embarrassing moment in your career?

Starting my business education, while actually having no clue what the heck all those business shortcuts and buzzwords meant. Advise: Fake it till you make it (or know them all)!

What was your most spontanous adventure?

Getting lost on in island in Vietnam – My friend and me booked an overnight boat trip in the Halong bay. Around midnight our captain decided he had to return back to the harbor - for whatever reason. He just left us on one of the 100 semi-lonely islands. Luckily he also left some supplies... I still haven't figured out the exact island, where we were that night.

Lisa's Background

Lisa is responsible for Portfolio Management in the Chemovator. She started her career in 2013 with a B.Sc. in the dual study program of BASF, where she also developed her passion for radical innovation.

In the past two years, she did her M.Sc. in Innovation Management with focus on entrepreneurship, new business development and strategy in Denmark and Canada. In the meantime, she was co-founder of a startup in the area of social welfare technology and joined a one-year entrepreneurship program at an University Incubator. Apart, she has been working for BASF in Hong Kong and for Innovation Roundtable and Novo Nordisk in Denmark.