Christine Weitmann

Team Assistant

5 Questions to Christine

Describe yourself with three words.

Empathic, optimistic, standing man

What is your motivation to work with Chemovator?

I love being part of an innovative, international, supportive and fun team and – in my role as an assistant – to offer a helping hand to everyone in Chemovator.

Do you rather follow your head or your heart?

Definitely my heart. When I follow my heart, I rarely get dissapointed.

If you had to wear a sign, what would be written on it?

Crazy in love with life

What was your greatest learning in life?

If you don't risk anything, you risk the most.

Be greatful.

Christine's Background

Christine recently joined the Chemovator as Event- and Management Team Assistant. Being passionate about supporting people in all kinds of personnel and professional matters, she focused on assistant roles early on in her career, working at BMW and in the semiconducor industry after finishing her diploma in economics. Her personal motivation to keep on going and showing up is not only reflected in her work but also in her dedication and willingness to adapt to dynamic situations and changing circumstances. Not to mention her 15+ moves so far- most recently from Ulm to Mannheim.