Claire Mula

Startup Coach, Founder & Director

5 Questions to Claire

Describe yourself with three words.

Inventive, communicative, analytical.

What is your motivation to work with Chemovator?

Helping startups and founders realise their vision is my soul food.

It is inspiring to be a small part of a global company taking risks, building ventures and embracing innovation through an incubator like Chemovator.

What is the greatest value you can benefit the Venture Teams with?

Empathy and acceleration from lessons learned in the trenches as a tech entrepreneur in Asia and Australia, with the battle wounds to back it up.

What was your most spontaneous adventure?

Riding an Enfield motorbike through unpaved roads of India without a hotel in sight and after 3 days only making it 80 kms out of Kerela.

What was your greatest learning in life?

Move forward as you can always go back.

Claire's Background

Entrepreneur in retail, technology and broadcast media- and Co-founder of a startup. 25 yrs corporate, intrapreneur & startup experience.