Christoph Räthke

Angel Investor & Founder

5 Questions to Christoph

Describe yourself with three words.

Entrepreneur, mentor & guitarist

What is your motivation to work with Chemovator?

The future of our society depends on digitalisation and entrepreneurship, particularly in companies that form the backbone of our economy like BASF.

What is the greatest value you can benefit the Venture Teams with?

One of the largest networks of CEOs, investors and founders in Germany.

If you had to wear a sign, what would be written on it?

Non verbis sed operibus credite.

Which song describes you life best?

Dickes B by Seeed - my mother was born and raised in Berlin, and I've lived here for 28 years now.

Christoph's Background

Founder of Berlin Startup Academy Recognized coach, author and mentor in entrepreneurship and company building.