Björn Heinz

Venture Creation and Program Strategy, Mannheim

5 Questions to Björn

Describe yourself with three words.

Curious, persistent, open.

What is the greatest benefit of Chemovator for BASF?

That BASF is able to test ideas and build businesses like startup companies do: Entrepreneurial, fast & lean.

If you had to wear a sign, what would be written on it?

My address and the kind request to escort me home.

What was the most embarrassing moment in your career?

Interviewing for a role in 'formulation technology' without knowing what that actually is. Very grateful I got the job regardless of that miss.

What was your greatest learning in life?

That the simple things matter most. I need to relearn that occasionally.

Björn's Background

Björn is passionate about building and supporting companies that create sustainable and positive impact. His role in the Chemovator is to take care of our Venture Teams and to help further develop the intrapreneurship program. He does so with the perspective of a venture investor which he has gathered during 5 years in Silicon Valley as an Investment Manager with BASF Venture Capital. Prior to that he led teams and projects in BASF’s R&D organization in the fields of oil & gas, solar energy, and electronic materials. He came to BASF with a PhD in physical chemistry.