Benedikt Scholz

Entrepreneur &Consultant

5 Questions to Benedikt

Describe yourself with three words.

Mindful, Playful, Persistent.

What is your motivation to work with Chemovator?

I want to support brave employees from BASF to pursue the entrepreneurial path of building a business because it is core our economy. I personally enjoy the thrill of the early stages of a startup and can best activate my passion and strength as sparring partner and venture coach by working with multiple teams simultaneously. I prefer to be hands off and let other people run the show but also can get very hands on when necessary to move forward. My motivation is fueled by the people that work within the Chemovator who are aligned with my values of mutual respect, can-do attitude and humbleness.

What is the greatest value you can benefit the Venture Teams with?

In the early stages I can help shaping the business and bring the fundamental aspects together to build a compelling pitchdeck storyline. In execution mode I can support the team in identifying and separating important tasks from unimportant tasks which is crucial since time and budget are always limited to prove and fulfill the business case. I also enjoy getting involved in product and marketing workshops. I might be able to reference some stories and lessons learned from my entrepreneurial experience when it comes to company structural fundamentals, team alignment, how to deal with blockers and always finding a solution. I strongly encourage everyone to think twice and stay humble, it is never as important what you know today as being eager to ask the important questions and finding the right answer by being open-minded (even if it's not what you believed in the first place).

Do you rather follow your head or your heart?

My heart provides me with intuition for a direction and my head makes the detailed decisions. Think of it like a setting a frame and moving within that frame.

Which song describes you life best?

Bon Jovi, It's my Life

Benedikts' Background

Serial Entrepreneur in Real Estate and FinTech space with B2C and B2B business models.