BANY enables process engineers to efficiently monitor, evaluate and optimize their batch processes. As a self-service analytics platform, BANY leverages plant personnel’s expert knowledge with cutting-edge AI Technologies.

Company Name:

Philipp Rühl & Martin Dierken

Areas of responsibility

Phillip: Process engineering and data science

Martin: IT and platform architecture

How did you come up with the idea?

Realized there was a problem in our everyday life and solved it, but saw the scaling possibility.

What were the most important achievements for you?

  • Apr 2021: Passed entry pitch
  • Aug 2021: Passed end of validation pitch
  • Nov 2021: Getting the assets from ES
  • Dec 2021: Hiring a CEO
  • Apr 2022: Functional mockup for further market research

What was your biggest challenge?

  • Coordination venture corporate
  • Defining product market fit
  • Finding the right hires (especially IT)
  • Explaining what we do to non-experts
  • Build pitch decs

What was your greatest learning?

The use of agile methods in the context of a bigger project. Using sprints in combination with Kanban, to have a structured and milestone focused work progress.

What was your greatest success?

Great feedback from batch operators in and outside the BASF.

What was your favorite moment in your Chemovator Journey?

When a venture capital manager approached us after Demo Day!

+++ The venture was not continued within Chemovator due to the decision of BASF that the subject is of strategic importance and should be further developed within the mother organisation. +++