Max Siebert & Henrike Wonneberger


Manufacturers of high quality and long-lasting machinery have a significant revenue stream from the sales of spare parts. However, the typical challenge of this business is balancing inventory cost, lead time, peak demands and MOQs. Another problem is managing supplier landscape. Decentral production with just forwarding mechanical drawings would solve this issue but risk the business of losing their IP on the design of the part.

Solution is building the first industrial, fully encrypted 3D printing network. We enable our customers to serve trusted spare parts for long-lasting machinery. Our file encryption allows OEMs to license the spare part designs to decentral manufacturing sites without worrying about IP thefts. Replique also ensures a guaranteed payout per 3D-Printed part, by enforcing limits on the copies of printouts. Quality of the building process can be monitored. This is done by analyzing the printing parameter data.