Andreas Gypser, Pavan Kumar Ravinutala & Oliver Hehl


Plant managers in the chemical industry​ have to invest a great deal of time and​ effort to avoid the risk of incompliance.​ Due to lack of suitable tools, compliance​ tasks have to be executed manually,​ which requires many resources.


Recobo helps to meet all regulatory requirements of plant management efficiently and transparently by creating a plant-specific compliance dashboard​ with all relevant tasks for plant managers. With the help of AI, Recobo can extract tasks and obligations from legal and plant specific documents and company specific requirements. A new cognitive search function allows to ask specific questions on a set of documents. Recobo has extendend its capapabilities to extract custom entities from any type of documents. The modules for action item/task/obligation extraction,​ cognitive search & custom entity extraction can be extended/customized to further domains and document types.