Entry Pitch Info Session #2 - August 21, 2024

Are you a BASF employee with business ideas beyond the core business?

Join us for an exclusive Info Session to explore Chemovator, BASF's incubation program designed for BASF intrapreneurs. Learn about the "Evolve" program, which supports BASF employees in developing innovative ideas beyond the company's core business into scalable businesses. Get detailed guidance on how to prepare and present your ideas effectively in the Entry Pitch, a crucial step to joining our programs.


  • Overview of the "Evolve" Intrapreneurship Program.
  • Details on the Entry Pitch process and how to participate.
  • Q&A session to address your questions about the program.

Join us and start your journey from developing your idea to being an entrepreneur with Chemovator!

Are you already sure that you want to pitch your idea?

Register now for the Entry Pitch on September 25, 2024!

What do your colleagues think?

"You can have the best from the corporate and the startup world. This is the perfect combination."
- Wojciech Golembiewski, Venture Team SecureB2B

"In Chemovator, we have the the right to act as a free founder and on the other hand we are protected from the big bears!"
- Jens Schwarzkopf, Venture Team SecureB2B