Community Breakfast

Let's have breakfast together and talk about your questions

Join us at the Chemovator Office in Mannheim for our "Community Breakfast", an event series where we invite BASF colleagues from all organizations to get inspired by insightful speakers and connect with like-minded coworkers over a delicious breakfast.

Immerse yourself into the world of virtual reality, gamification and the metaverse and discover how BASF' Mixed Reality KDC is implementing and exploring innovative technologies, while also empowering BASF colleagues to use Mixed Reality solutions for trainings, collaboration and making processes overall more effective. As KDC leader at BASF, our speaker will introduce real-life use cases from the chemical industry to shed light on the current state of research and opportunities for future developments.

Meet our Speakers:

Our speaker will explain you why this topic is so relevant and what exactly they are doing right now in this direction:

Tobias Breuer: Tobias is an experienced digitalization expert and the head of BASF's Mixed Reality KDC. There, he enables BASF employees and organizations to use VR and HoloLenses and explore real-world mixed reality use cases. Tobias is passionate about all things VR, AR and the metaverse and is also driving gamification and e-sports efforts at BASF.

Who can participate?

BASF colleagues who...
... wish to get to know Chemovator
... want to engage in inspiring conversations
... want to talk to individuals from Chemovator, but never find the time to do so
... are interested in meeting and working with innovative people from the Chemovator community

How can you participate?

You will be able to join our event at the Chemovator Office located in Mannheim. We look forward to meeting you for a delicious breakfast and some exciting impulses!

How much does it cost?

Nothing :)

What are the requirements for participating?

There are no requirements for participating. Just pre-register for your on-site participation. So grab your phone, register and save your spot.

Where and when does this event take place?

The community breakfast will take place on Wednesday, March 13th at Chemovator.

Do you want to participate?

BASF internal only