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Chemovator is the hub for intrapreneurship, business building, and risk-taking at BASF, shaping the future of the chemical industry. This event format that will take you behind the scenes of the journey of our current Venture Teams and portfolio companies!

Revolutionizing digital supply chain logistics through standardized logistics requirements: The journey of our Venture Team Loady

Be prepared to be inspired by the passion, dedication, and innovation of our Venture Teams. You'll witness firsthand how founders turn their vision into reality and become stories of growth, challenges, failures, and success, giving you a unique perspective on what it takes to launch and scale a successful business.

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This event will take place online via Remo. You will receive your dial-in link upon registration.

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This is your chance to be part of a community that is dedicated to pushing the boundaries and transforming industries. You'll have the chance to connect with others who share your passion for entrepreneurship and the startup ecosystem.

Our upcoming Venture Team: Loady

Loady enables an effective and seamless communication of loading and unloading requirements within the supply chain network: from logistics procurement to transport order management, transport planning and dispatching, up to the physical delivery process. This means that companies can maintain their site and product specific specifications in a standardized data structure and then share them with business partners and logistics service providers in a secure way. Loady provides a multilingual driver’s view and companies and carriers can also connect their corporate systems and applications with Loady to gather reliable, up-to-date requirements directly into the specific operations and processes. By resolving this long-standing problem, Loady improves the overall collaboration, helps to avoid truck rejections, and makes transportation services more efficient, reliable and sustainable.

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This event will take place online via Remo. You will receive your dial-in link upon registration.

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