Chemovator Thought Leader Series

Join our upcoming talk: "Thought through from the end - how to become a unicorn…?" by Dr. Peter Smeets, partner of Bruski Smeets Lange.

Of course, business success is not completely predictable. But factors can be defined that always play a role when entrepreneurial success is achieved. So why not think from the end and consider how - knowing these strategic success factors - you can set the right course in the early stages of your business? What are the quality gates that later make up a successful business model and how can I, as a start-up, build these success parameters into the DNA of my company? How do I, as a founder, calibrate my venture to the factors that will later be decisive for a high valuation? The attempt to strategically derive success.

What is the Chemovator Thought Leader Series?

Chemovator is a hub for entrepreneurship, business building, risk taking. In this series of talks we invite outstanding individuals with a distinguished track record in these fields to share their inspiring stories, experiences, and learnings.

Our next guest: Dr. Peter Smeets

For the next talk of our Thought Leader Series we are excited to welcome Peter Smeets to Chemovator. Peter is a partner of Bruski Smeets Lange, Frankfurt based law firm focusing on venture capital/private equity as well as asset and structured finance matters.

After finishing his law studies at Goethe University Frankfurt with a PhD from Konstanz University, Peter started his career in 1995 at Freshfields. In 2002 he launched his own law firm Smeets Haas Wolff and merged it with Paul Hastings in 2008. He continued to run the German office of Paul Hastings as Managing Partner until leaving the firm in early 2015 to found his own law firm boutique.

Peter is also an experienced entrepreneur. He founded his own venture capital company about 20 years ago, which has invested until today into a significant number of technology companies and strategically developed their business. Being qualified by BaFin as Kreditinstitutsleiter Peter also takes short term management assignments with financial service providers or asset management firms, where he assumes responsibility for compliance, regulatory and business development as a member of the board. Peter has been accredited with the European Investment Fund (a subsidiary of the European Investment Bank) as well as by the German High Tech Founders’ Fund (High Tech Gründer-Fonds) as a qualified business angel. He has experience spanning 20 years as an executive and non-executive board member in many technology and growth companies.

Who is invited?

BASF colleagues who...

... want to listen to great speakers and learn about interesting topics around entrepreneurship
... wish to get to know Chemovator and its location
... are interested in meeting and working with ideators
... want to join the Chemovator community

When and where does this event take place?

Feb. 4, 3.30 p.m.

Chemovator GmbH
Pitch arena, level 2
Industriestraße 35
68169 Mannheim

Do you want to participate?

BASF internal only