Chemovator Thought Leader Series

Join our upcoming talk: "The good, the bad, the ugly - how to scale from idea to exit" by Josef Brunner, entrepreneur and business angel.

There are many questions one asks themselves when founding a business: What does it take to scale an idea to a successful business and ultimately to an exit? What are the essential elements for building a successful business and what to focus? What are the do's and don'ts of venture capital and cultural considerations? It is a journey and a learning curve many have gone through before. So why not listen to their experiences?

What is the Chemovator Thought Leader Series?

Chemovator is a hub for entrepreneurship, business building, risk-taking. In this series of talks, we invite outstanding individuals with a distinguished track record in these fields to share their inspiring stories, experiences, and learnings.

Who is invited?

BASF colleagues who...

... want to listen to great speakers and learn about exciting topics around entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship

... wish to learn more about startup tools and methods

... would like to get to know Chemovator

... look forward to joining the Chemovator community

Our Guest: Josef Brunner

For this Thought Leader series, we are thrilled to be joined by Josef Brunner as a speaker.

Not only has he successfully founded several companies, being the experienced entrepreneur he is, he also acts as a business angel and a mentor for young founders.

Josef is an entrepreneur by heart and has been since childhood: At the age of 16, he founded his very first company. This was followed by several IT and cybersecurity companies, including Joulex and Bastille Networks, which was later acquired by Cisco. In 2014 he started at relayr as a founding investor and executive chairman. In 2015 he assumed the position of CEO. In this role, he coordinates the needs of various groups - from relayr's management and strategy team to the investors, the board of directors, the employees and of course, the customers.

His passion and philosophy is product quality and smart, efficient work - how else could he find time for his hobbies? When he is not driving the digital transformation, Josef Brunner is an enthusiastic mountain hiker and soccer fan.

When and where does this event take place?

Oct. 29, 4 pm

Due to the current situation, we decided to host this event virtually.

You will receive further information and an invitation once you registered.

Do you want to participate?

BASF internal only