Insights Talk

Chemovator is the hub for intrapreneurship, business building and risk taking at BASF. In this series of talks, we invite interesting speakers to share their experience on relevant topics, tools and methods that can be used in the startup environment, but also in corporate contexts.

Which talk is up next?

We are currently looking for interesting speakers - stay tuned.
In case you are interested in our previous speakers, check out their presentations here.

Who is invited?

BASF colleagues who...
... want to listen to great speakers and learn about interesting topics around entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship
... wish to learn more about startup tools and methods
​​​​​​​... would like to get to know Chemovator
... look forward to join the Chemovator community

Where/how does this event take place?

Online! The Insights Talk will take place on Tuesday, March 22 via Remo.

Register now to get the dial-in link!

Do you want to participate?

BASF-employees only