Community Breakfast

Let's have (virtual) breakfast together and talk about your questions

The second community breakfast will take place on September 30.
Topic: tbd
We are currently looking for inspiring speakers for the event and will update the topic soon.

Would you like to know more what BASF does in a certain area? Get inspired by motivational speakers? And build a network with people eager to innovate? Then you should definitely take part in our “Community breakfast”!

Who can participate?

BASF colleagues who...
... wish to get to know Chemovator
... want to engage in inspiring conversations
... want to talk to individuals from Chemovator, but never find the time to do so
... are interested in meeting and working with innovative people from the Chemovator community

How much does it cost?

Nothing :)

What are the requirements for participating?

There are no requirements for participating. Just pre-register for either online or on-site participation. So grab your phone, register and save your spot.

Where and when does this event take place?

The community breakfast will take place on Friday September 30 at Chemovator.


Due to the new Corona regulations, your visit is subject to proof in terms of the 2G rule:

Please bring your certificate of vaccination or recovery with you.

All other rules on compulsory masks, distance and co. remain in place.

Do you want to participate?

Registration will open soon!

BASF internal only