Chemovator Startup Bootcamp ***Berlin edition***

Learn about business buildup and how to pitch your idea with some of Germany's brightest startup minds!

What's the business idea you always wanted to work on? Bring it to the Chemovator Startup Bootcamp for one intense day of exploration. You don't have a specific idea yet? Come anyway and join in teams with your teammates!

Who can join the Chemovator Startup Bootcamp?

Anyone who...

... would like to get to know Chemovator and learn about our tools and methods
... are interested in meeting and working with experienced entrepreneurs
... like to refine a business idea in a professional manner
... wish to prepare for the Entry Pitch @ Chemovator

Anything important you need to know?

Do you have a business idea? Great, you can join with your business idea. It can also be in a very early stage. You will have one minute in the beginning to quickly present what your idea is all about.
You do not have a business idea or you do not want to work on it? You can also actively support other colleagues who already developed an idea.

What to expect?

In one das you and your group will be working on a business idea, refine it and learn how to pitch. At the end of bootcamp you will hold a final pitch as a group and receive constructive feedback, which can be very useful to improve your presentation skills and for your personal and professional development.


How much does the event cost?

Free of cost!

Where does this event take place?

Maschinenraum GmbH

Zionskirchstraße 73a

10119 Berlin

Do you want to participate?

What do your colleagues think?

“The Chemovator Startup Bootcamp is very interactive. Experienced coaches explain the theory explicitly and comprehensibly with good examples. Then there is time to adapt the input to our business ideas in team work sessions.”
- Yi Sheng Wu, BASF Business Services GmbH, Senior Project Next Generation Business Architecture

"It's great to see how experienced entrepreneurs and many smart ideas from BASF colleagues come together. The Chemovator Startup Bootcamp is a truly inspiring event"
- Jan Lukas Kleinschmidt, Digitalization / Corporate Communications

“It’s a fantastic opportunity to connect with BASF colleagues and discuss business ideas in a different context. With a good mixture of diverse people and a high level of energy, we could really provide innovative impulses together.”
- Maren Sievert, BASF New Business GmbH, Internal Startup

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